Pitch Night 2021 Online Edition

Pitch Night ’21

Can you hear it echo, the sound of excitement carried by the wind? Intentionally or unintentionally, you will also be engulfed in this wave of excitement. Luckily, your excitement will not be in vain, rather, there is a good reason for it. The reason you will be excited is because TEDxAUCollege’s first event of the year is coming up! However, this year it will be a little different. We proudly present the first ever online edition of our annual Pitch Night !
During this event, both students and non-students will pitch their ideas for a TEDx talk. In just 3 minutes, they will showcase to the online audience and judges that they have what it takes to become the next TEDxAUCollege speaker. The audience will be able to vote on their favourite speakers, and winners will get the opportunity to speak at our main event in June. Grab some drinks, get some food and tune in online for a wonderful evening filled with talks, music and new ideas! Date: 09-02-21 Time: 19:30-22:00
Missed the livestream? (Re)Watch it here!

Learn more about our Pitch Night speakers!

Saba Askary

Saba Askary (‘88) engages in post-colonial thought, culture and criticism through writing, research, editing and occasionally public speaking. Born in Tehran, Askary moved to Dubai, UAE in 1990 where she was raised. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, and a Masters in History of Art & Art World Practice from the University of Glasgow in 2013. She is currently settled in Amsterdam where she develops, manages and edits critical publications, online platforms and events on a freelance basis.
Saba her pitch: “How the ancient world could be more relevant now than ever before”

Sebastián Vásquez Cipriani

Sebastián Vásquez Cipriani (‘01) promotes activism through art and debate. Born in Lima, Peru, Sebastián graduated from Recoleta School’s IB programme as the second in his class and delved into the national Model United Nations circuit. He became part of Peruvian Universities, the eldest national debate team, and participated in such competitions as Harvard MUN Latin America, where he won first place. Further, he worked as a debate coach for his high school and was invited to judge several (9) competitions. He later worked as a PR manager for entities such as Voz Actual, Casuarinas College and collaborated with Latex Magazine on artistic projects. Through his creative endeavours, he has attempted to shed light into his country’s most pressing issues and instigate activism. In 2020 he became a Humanities student and scholarship awardee at Amsterdam University College, where he has served as a board member for 3 committees thus far. 


Ireen (21 y/o) grew up in Amersfoort and went on to study biomedical sciences at AUC. Here, she quickly got involved in the environmental movement. After having co-organised the Dutch Local Conference of Youth and witnessing the global climate negotiations in Poland, she realised the situation requires a more grassroots and radical approach. Since then she has been a committed climate justice activist, involved with various action groups in the Netherlands. One year ago, she joined RE-PEAT, a youth collective pushing for a peatland paradigm shift. Using education, collaboration and the power of re-imagining, RE-PEAT aims to change the dominant perceptions around peatlands and challenge traditional views on nature conservation. Having finished AUC last spring, Ireen has chosen to take a gap year to be able to fully focus on her work with RE-PEAT and the Dutch climate movement.

Krisztina Czika

As an artist, Krisztina Czika has always been fascinated by the material world. Working with everyday physical materials, she focuses on the stories and emotions they carry within them as well as their palpable characteristics. Her work is inspired by ordinary, seemingly mundane or useless objects. An IKEA mug, for example. A fallen head-hair, plucked from a sleeve. A bundle of old negatives in a pile of street-trash. A collection of used cosmetic wax. After a meticulous analysis of the chosen material, Krisztina makes it into art, retaining influences from its previous life whilst challenging our fixed ideas about the value of materials we often consider trash, always reevaluating, reinventing and redefining. For Krisztina, ordinary, overlooked physical material has dramatic social, environmental and political ramifications, with much to say about the way we live our lives, and her work, profound and playful in equal measure, revels in its infinite potential.

Linny Gorissen

Linny is a 23 year old female graduate of the academy of dance education. During that time, because of dealing with two eating disorders, depression, high sensitivity, her need for connection and dance, she learned how disorders are more than just symptoms. Now after dealing with her own being, she views disorders as opportunities to connect with suppressed experiences. She coaches people through intuitive movement and 1:1 conversations to get back to their core of being. Themes such as stored trauma in the body, sex(ual energy) and being able to connect with your emotions/sensations are things that come to the surface. She also speaks and creates dance about topics connected to sex/the body, writes poetry and performs.

Ana Rubiero

Ana (class of ’22) studies political science and literature at Amsterdam University College. Born and raised in Valencia, she had the opportunity to live abroad in New Orleans during a one-year exchange program, where her interest in arts and music was sparked by the city’s vibrant culture. Throughout her studies in Amsterdam she has developed interests on the major issues of our time, organising the Local Conference of Youth to explore solutions to the ecological crisis, while currently delving into digital and data rights and activism.

Mehar Suri

Mehar Suri is an ethnic-Indian female who has lived all over the world. She’s a little bit of a pianist. An animal-loving vegetarian. And, quite frankly; she loves to speak. Her studies at a diverse multitude of educational institutions, and work alongside the Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color ( AIELOC ) have largely inspired her idea, and of course, drive to share it on the red dot. She is passionate about the welfare of stray animals, and founded Care4buddies in 2016. Care4buddies is a 45 member organization of scholars in active collaboration with struggling shelters in New Delhi. In 2019, she qualified for the Tournament of Champions at Yale University, where she received the 3rd place award for International debate, competing against 3500+ people in the final round. It is clear: she loves to speak.

Emiel robben

Emiel Robben (’01) engages in a diverse set of ideas and theories, within disciplines from philosophy to organisational biology. He was born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently studying for his Bachelor of Science at Amsterdam University College with a focus on Physics and Sustainability, he initiated a student Think Tank to look for unexpected insights into societal problems this January. Currently, he is specifically engaged in the problems behind climate change and its possible solutions. He mainly focuses on developing ideas that researchers can get inspired by and can build on.