TEDxAUC 2018

At the moment our team is working passionately towards TEDxAUCollege 2018. As this will be our 5th edition we hope to exceed your expectations and show the audience how our young platform has developed to a mature stage for those who share ideas, inspire others and absorb knowledge whilst having a great night. We are therefore eager to meet with new partners, sponsors and, of course, speakers. Without further ado, we recommend all of you to like our Facebook page to receive all the necessary updates.

TEDx events are themed, and this year we chose “The Fifth Dimension” as our theme. Not only does this theme correspond well with our fifth anniversary, but it also has multiple powerful connotations. In physics, the first, second, third and fourth dimensions have been established by scientists and academics. The fifth dimension, however, has not yet been defined. It is the unknown, the undefined and the unexplored.