Sander Veenhof | Be your own robot



Sander Veenhof pleads for freedom of choice to reduce the growing impact of social media: “They are defining what you are going to do: for example by suggesting events and matching us to other singles looking for a date. They might even advise us on what to talk about during that date.”


The audience nervously laughs but the point is clear: digital technology is increasingly creating our reality, rather than the other way around.


Sander Veenhof introduces the concept of API to gain back control: “If you’re decorating your house or doing grocery shopping, digital devices could advice you. But is this the digital world we want? It should be the other way around. People should be the center of attention: instead of letting things happen, it’s time to take control. of our own lives through Applicarion Program Interfaces. It is time be your own robot!”