Ingeborg van Beek & Martin Klein

Ingeborg van Beek & Martin Klein



Experience and Perception of Time

Ingeborg van Beek lived and worked in Paris, Brussels and Kuwait before kicking off a career in marketing, communication and PR. In 2007, she started Shake The Tree, her own advertising agency. She is also the ambassador for the Stop Brain Tumors Foundation and writes about her disease in the national newspaper De Telegraaf.

Martin Klein is professor in medical neuropsychology, specifically regarding brain tumors at VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His research, in close cooperation with the departments of neurology, neurosurgery, and radiation oncology, initially focused on determining neurocognitive functioning and health-related quality of life of patients with brain tumors. This resulted in influential papers on neurocognitive functioning and health-related quality of life of high-grade glioma patients at the time of diagnosis, at follow-up, at the time of recurrence, and on the prognostic value of neurocognitive functioning. Regarding low-grade glioma patients, and other neurological patients, studies on the impact of surgery, radiotherapy, and on epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs on neurocognitive functioning and health-related quality of life are ongoing. The effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation in patients with focal seizures has been addressed in a number of studies. Currently research aims at determining the brain mechanisms underlying frequent symptoms (e.g., neurocognitive deficits, epilepsy, fatigue, depression), the prevention of treatment effects on neurocognitive functioning, and on behavioral or pharmaceutical symptom treatment in primary and metastatic brain tumor patients and in oncological patients undergoing neurotoxic treatments affecting brain functioning.

Within the European Organization for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Martin Klein is responsible for neurocognitive testing as part of the clinical trials initiated by the EORTC Brain Tumor Group.

Martin Klein received the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation and Society for Neuro-Oncology Award for Excellence in Quality of Life Research in 2001 and the National Brain Tumor Foundation/Tug MgGraw Foundation Caregiver Research Award in 2008.