Carina van Leeuwen

Carina van Leeuwen


1001 Unfinished Stories

Carina van Leeuwen worked as a surgical assistant in several hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad until she joined the Dutch Police in The Hague in 1991.
After several years in the uniformed service, she became one of the first female forensic investigators.

She was a member of the evaluation team (Posthumus committee) in the Schiedam Park murder and was involved as a forensic advisor in the identification process after the Dutch plane crash in Tripoli in 2010.
Since 2006, she works as a forensic coordinator in the Cold Case team of the police force of Amsterdam. Besides advising other investigation teams throughout the country in solving Cold Cases, she took action to identify a large number of unknown dead buried in Amsterdam. That initiative was followed in the rest of the Netherlands.

In 2014, she debuted – after a bet, as an author. Since then, she has written 3 forensic thrillers. Her 20 years as a forensic detective are the inspiration for her books that are situated in The Hague, the city where she lived and worked for years.
Carina studied Forensic Research at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam where she still gives lectures. She also gives master classes on forensics and talks about her work as a writer and detective in libraries and bookstores.