What are Salon events? An interview with the board

What are Salon events? An interview with the board

What makes a Salon event different from TEDxAUCollege Main Event and Pitch Night?

Salon events are smaller, more intimate events aimed at refocusing on the community behind the TEDx license, fostering more engagement and discussion on behalf of the audience. Just like the Main Event, TED talks are streamed and there are live speakers, however, Salon events include an audience discussion afterwards. Narrowed in focus and speakers, the premise is to look at the ideas in more depth and allow for conversation that encompasses all those voices that wish to be heard.

How often will these events take place?

The salon events will take place three times in this academic year. Each salon event will be focused on one of the majors here at AUC, in order to zoom in on what we as students are interested in. We are starting off with Social Science by focusing on the integration of refugees here in Amsterdam, and the next two salon events we will focus on Science and Humanities.

-Julia de Gooijer

Why did TEDxAUCollege decide to start holding Salon events this year?Before this year, we only had events in January and March, we decided that this year we wanted to take up a challenge and do more the rest of the year. With the salon events, we are able to spread more ideas about specific topics and to involve our audience in a discussion afterwards.

-Melanie Rietveld

How will the AUC community benefit from these events?

With the introduction of Salon events, TEDxAUCollege tries to give back to the bubble of AUC. Our main event has been growing for years and it has found itself being hosted in prestigious venues all over Amsterdam. However, TEDxAUCollege remains a committee of the AUCSA. The past year, there was a growing sentiment that TEDxAUCollege seems more like an independent organization than a part of the student association. With Salon events, TEDxAUCollege wants to reinforce its connection to the community, by providing intimate experiences and sparking lively discussions within the Science Park bubble.

What is the most exciting aspect of holding these new events?

We are just one of the six TEDx organisations out of fifty in the Netherlands that has been granted a licence to hold these unique salon events. This means the AUC community is lucky to experience this new form of TEDx close within the Science Park area. Furthermore, it allows you to hear experts talk on subjects within their field and discuss their ideas as well as your own. As a student this an extremely exciting prospect as not only is it an opportunity to discover new fields you may be interested in, but it allows you to come into contact with TED speakers like never before.

-Phoebe Mullis

How does TEDxAUCollege envision the Salon events in the future?

As of right now, Salon events are a completely new thing for our organisation so we are just as excited as everyone else to find out how they will exactly turn out. In order to ensure that we successfully establish Salon events within our community, our organisation will focus on fine-tuning them during this academic year. However, seeing that Salon events are much more flexible in nature than our Main Event in March, we hope that future boards of TEDxAUCollege will take the opportunity to experiment with the format of these events, and possibly even turn them into a monthly occurrence.

-Juul Schoevers