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Get to know us better


Amsterdam University College (AUC) was founded in 2009 as a selective honours program in liberal arts and sciences by the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam with a particular focus on the natural sciences. Its small-scale approach creates a sense of familiarity and provides a more open atmosphere for students to share their ideas and, in turn, listen and be inspired by the ideas of teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, the university instills a flexible study program which offers students the opportunity to experiment in different fields and gain insight into a wider scope of knowledge from the science, social science and humanities faculties. In recent years, AUC has evolved into a close-knit, multicultural, passionate and insightful community. TED’s mission has always been to spread ideas, to inspire people and to foster innovation and positive change. We believe that there is no better place for sharing ideas, learning and to feel inspired than in such a university.


My name is Nilesh, and I will be the chair of TEDxAUCollege this year. I am a third science student focussing on health and mathematics with a minor in economics. Besides studying, I go to the gym, play the piano and of course hang out with my friends. This year, the board and I will do our absolute best to make our events refreshing, fruitful and enjoyable.


Hi, my name is Joella and I am excited to be Secretary of TEDxAUCollege this year. I am a social science major mainly following the cognition track. I am passionate about music, good food and TEDtalks!

My favorite two things about the TED platform are that it inspires and broadens visions. Inspiration is such an important process to boost growth and creativity. It is a big drive for me in life. Learning about the world through hearing new ideas from passionate people is extremely enriching as well. Often I find myself moved by the stories that are shared on the TED stage. It connects people on a global scale.
I am thrilled to be organizing an event that facilitates this together with my fellow board members.

Head of Logistics Team

Hi! I’m Anna and I am Head of Logistics at TEDXAUCollege this year. I am a second year Science student in the biomed track and I spend my free time outside of academia doing sports or listening to music.

In education, we learn about the world in a very structured and academic way. TED talks make us encounter new ideas outside of our comfort zone. I really like how attending and/or organizing a TEDx event offers you space and opportunity to think about new ideas while meeting people that share this same interest. I am very excited to be a part of the board and I’m looking forward to organizing an event where people can find motivation, inspiration and their worldview broadened.

Head of Speakers Team

Hi! I’m Nick, a second year humanities student majoring in Philosophy and Politics. I am this year’s TEDxAUCollege’s Head of Speakers which means I’ll be running the team that is in charge of finding the best possible Speakers we can to come and talk at our main event.

In my free time I like to play football, listen to music and I am currently trying to teach myself guitar and harmonica. I can’t wait to get started in building a new team and beginning the search for amazing Speakers so that we can make this years event the best yet! (Also if you know of any people who you think could give a good TED talk then hmu)

Head of Acquisitions Team

Hi! I’m Benjamin, a second year science student majoring in mathematics and doing a minor in philosophy. I am this year’s head of acquisitions for TEDxAUCollege. I will be leading the wonderful team that will ensure the best sponsors to finance our main event. In my free time I go to the gym, I row at Skøll and occasionally I will do a Netflix marathon.

Head of Public Relations Team

Hey! My name is Coen, I’m 20 years old and a third-year science major. As the PR team, we will be directing all external communications such as social media, promotional campaigns, maintaining the website, designing merchandise, and much more. Overall, we will focus on expanding our audience, both in size as well as diversity.