TEDxAUCollege | INTERVIEW: Last Year’s Pitch Night Winner Saga Norrby
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INTERVIEW: Last Year’s Pitch Night Winner Saga Norrby

We’re less than eight hours away from TEDxAUCollege presents The Fifth Dimension. From 18:00 on, eight speakers will give their TED-talks in the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Two of them are the winners of this year’s Pitch Night, Ella MacLaughlin and Mick ter Reehorst. It is a tradition for TEDxAUCollege to give students a chance to pitch their TED-talks. Last year, AUC student Saga Norrby won with her unique stance on climate change. Red Pers interviewed her recently, on year after her TED-talk. What did TEDxAUCollege bring for her and what has she been doing since last year’s edition? Read the (Dutch) article below.

Saga Norrby en het jaar sinds haar TED-talk


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