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Amsterdam University College (AUC) was founded in 2009 as a selective honours program in liberal arts and sciences by the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam with a particular focus on the natural sciences. Its small-scale approach creates a sense of familiarity and provides a more open atmosphere for students to share their ideas and, in turn, listen and be inspired by the ideas of teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, the university instills a flexible study program which offers students the opportunity to experiment in different fields and gain insight into a wider scope of knowledge from the science, social science and humanities faculties. In recent years, AUC has evolved into a close-knit, multicultural, passionate and insightful community. TED’s mission has always been to spread ideas, to inspire people and to foster innovation and positive change. We believe that there is no better place for sharing ideas, learning and to feel inspired than in such a university.

The Board


Juul Schoevers

Juul is a third-year Science major, focusing on the mathematics and information science tracks. Apart from having a passion for sailing, she is also a great TED enthusiast. Last year, Juul was a member of the Logistics Team. Through this experience, she learned valuable lessons about what goes into the organization of an event as big as TEDxAUCollege, setting her up to take on a role that will allow her to be involved in all aspects of the organization. After last year’s incredible celebration of TEDxAUCollege’s fifth anniversary, Juul intends to work closely together with her team to create refreshing and innovative events that challenge people’s beliefs and where many different young, clever, and open minds get the opportunity to connect.


Julia de Gooijer

Julia, this year’s secretary, is a second-year Social Science major, focusing on Law, Political Science and Philosophy. Growing up with the idea that words and stories shape who we are, she has found that TED talks allow people to broaden or challenge their view of the world. With that in mind, she applied for the PR team last year and took part in organizing the fifth anniversary of TEDxAUCollege. This year, she is very excited to take on an even more active role in the organisation and determined to make the sixth edition of TEDxAUCollege a great one!

Head of Logistics

Sophie Niegsch

Sophie Niegsch is a third-year humanities student majoring in Philosophy and Literature with a passion for psychology and sports. German-born but having spent her childhood abroad in various countries and different schools, the communication of ideas and experiences of perspectives that TEDx fosters became both a valuable lesson and key tool from an early age and onwards. This year she could not forgo the chance to help organise and stage such a meaningful event.

Head of Speakers

Melanie Rietveld

Melanie is a second-year student majoring in Biomedical Sciences. What she loves about TED is how it encourages people to think differently and encounter new ideas. Last year she was a member of the Speakers team and with that experience and passion for TED she now wanted to take on the bigger role of being the Head of Speakers. Outside of class, you can find her doing yoga, theatre, reading, and going to the movies. She has always enjoyed listening to inspirational ideas and she is very excited to be able to now offer people the possibility to share their ideas at TEDxAUCollege 2019. She is determined to help make the event the best one yet!

Head of Acquisitions

Rajiv Manichand

Rajiv Manichand is a second-year Computer Science student at AUC who has a passion for music, technology, and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of an Amsterdam based startup, which gives him plenty of experience with fundraising. By building sustainable, long-term relationships with sponsors, he aspires to finance the best TEDxAUCollege event to date. Rajiv believes TED-Talks can truly make a difference. He wanted to be part of a team that is devoted to creating such an event and looks forward to working on this year’s edition!

Head of Public Relations

Phoebe Mullis

Phoebe will be head of Public Relations this year. She is a second-year Social Science major focusing on Law and minoring in Media. She was born in England but has been raised in Amsterdam since the age of 9. Her passion for TEDx began in high school, helping organise a TEDxYouth event there. Combining that with her previous experience in PR this year seemed like the perfect opportunity for her to re-visit TEDx once more. For her TEDx is the start of innovative and interdisciplinary dialogue, leading to a world of new ideas. This year she wants to concentrate on a larger PR strategy and engage with more people.




(from left to right): Jonny Croud, Sophie Niegsch Carolina Toresson, and Oscar Buckens



(from left to right): Lora Hoogendijk, Zohar Preminger, Melanie Rietveld, Alicia Quijano-Evans, and Nick Elliott,



(from left to right): Beatrice Hillen, Carolina Janssen, Rajiv Manichand, and Ishan Schneider


Public Relations

(from left to right): Lottie Boas, Phoebe Mullis, Judi Kleine-Brockhoff, and Eva Clementino



(from left to right): Ruyaam Khan, Phoebe Mullis, Isabel Rattereth, and Nina Liu