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Amsterdam University College (AUC) was founded in 2009 as a selective honours program in liberal arts and sciences by the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam with a particular focus on the natural sciences. Its small-scale approach creates a sense of familiarity and provides a more open atmosphere for students to share their ideas and, in turn, listen and be inspired by the ideas of teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, the university instills a flexible study program which offers students the opportunity to experiment in different fields and gain insight into a wider scope of knowledge from the science, social science and humanities faculties. In recent years, AUC has evolved into a close-knit, multicultural, passionate and insightful community. TED’s mission has always been to spread ideas, to inspire people and to foster innovation and positive change. We believe that there is no better place for sharing ideas, learning and to feel inspired than in such a university.

The Board


Christine van der Horst

Christine will be fulfilling the position of Chair in this year’s TEDxAUCollege board. She’s a second-year Social Science major focusing on Sociology, Anthropology and Communication, with a passion for journalism and TED! Last year she has been part of the TEDx writers’ team, producing weekly content for the brand new TEDx blog. Though she loved the job, and highly encourage all young writers at AUC to apply for the position, she decided that for her second year at AUC she wanted to play a more active role in shaping the event. Being on top of AUC’s biggest and most professional committee is an incredibly valuable experience.


Madelief van Dongen

Madelief van Dongen is a second year Social Science major following the International Relations track and this year she will be Secretary of TEDxAUCollege 2018. As a member of the Speakers Team last year, she experienced what it was like to work intensively with an amazingly motivated group of students and be part of shaping such a big event. This year, she wants to take it a step further and not merely be involved in one facet of the organisation, but gain experience in leading all the different teams as well. Being part of this committee allows her to work together with an incredibly hard-working, but also fun group of students. Besides, TEDx reaches far beyond our bubble, meaning you will have the opportunity to meet heaps of inspirational and interesting people.

Head of Logistics

Lars Kouwenhoven

Lars Kouwenhoven, this year’s head of logistics, is a second year science major at AUC.
Having enjoyed and experienced the 2017 edition of TEDxAUCollege in the PR team, he decided that he wanted to be part of the event once again. Lars finds the idea of interaction between people studying at AUC and those who don’t an interesting one.
While it is still clearly connected to the AUC community, it also allowed him to look beyond Science Park. This year, Lars aims to make the event even more professional and impressive.

Head of Speakers

Sophia Hengelbrok

Sophia Hengelbrok is a second year student, focusing on Literature, Culture, Sociology and Education. She’s German-American, but was born is Switzerland and attended international schools in several different countries before coming to AUC. Outside of class you can find her exploring Amsterdam, doing yoga and listening to music.
According to Sophia, TED talks inspire her and people to exchange ideas and have meaningful conversations. She applied for the Head of Speakers position because being part of an event that can impact people in this manner was an opportunity she couldn’t miss.

Head of Acquisitions

Noah van Genuchten

Noah is a second-year Social Science major, focusing on the Economics track. He has a passion for field-hockey, loves to read and have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and finance. He believes that TED-talks have the ability to change the world we live in. By sharing inspiring stories, bold new ideas or major scientific breakthroughs, TED has become a platform for those who want to make the world a better place. He wanted to be part of a team that is devoted to creating such an event, where people from different walks of life exchange “ideas worth spreading”. Also, the idea of managing partners and sponsors was something he could really see himself doing.

Head of Public Relations

Wino Carter

Wino Carter will be in charge of this year’s PR. He’s a second year Science major focusing on the environmental aspects within this field. With a true passion for both film and photography he hopes to shake up the traditional PR-strategy for next year’s event. As the PR-manager of both AUCafé and Dormfest in the previous semester, he learned the ins and outs of this specific guild. Combining both his experience and creative point of view, makes him eager to start developing a strategy for TEDxAUCollege 2018. He hopes to surprise the audience with a PR-strategy which hasn’t been seen before. For him, TEDx encourages people to think different and learn from each other. Throughout this process he hopes to do both whilst working closely with my team and the board.



Public Relations Team


Logistics Team


Speakers Team


Acquisitions Team