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Amsterdam University College (AUC) was founded in 2009 as a selective honours program in liberal arts and sciences by the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam with a particular focus on the natural sciences. Its small-scale approach creates a sense of familiarity and provides a more open atmosphere for students to share their ideas and, in turn, listen and be inspired by the ideas of teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, the university instills a flexible study program which offers students the opportunity to experiment in different fields and gain insight into a wider scope of knowledge from the science, social science and humanities faculties. In recent years, AUC has evolved into a close-knit, multicultural, passionate and insightful community. TED’s mission has always been to spread ideas, to inspire people and to foster innovation and positive change. We believe that there is no better place for sharing ideas, learning and to feel inspired than in such a university.

The Board


Vittoria Dentes

Vittoria Dentes is a third-year student, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Mathematics. This academic year she is the Chair of TEDxAUCollege. Vittoria has been involved with the organisation for two years. Her commitment comes from the great team spirit that TEDx, with its strong values, creates. She thinks TEDxAUCollege constitutes a unique learning opportunity as it frames creative team work within a professional setting, creating a dynamic network of motivated young minds. This is why she is very excited and honoured to represent such an incredible organisation.


Liselotte van Balen

Liselotte van Balen is a third-year student at AUC who is mainly interested in International Relations, Communications, and Literature. This year she is the Secretary of TEDxAUCollege. Liselotte decided to join the TEDxAUCollege board in order to be part of an initiative that gives a platform to brilliant minds who might otherwise not have the means to let their voices be heard. Besides this, she believes that TEDx has the power to bring passionate and motivated individuals together who push each other to be the best possible versions of themselves – an environment in which she hopes to inspire others and be inspired herself.

Head of Public Relations

Antonin Lelong

Antonin Lelong, this year’s head of Public Relations, is a third-year student at AUC, majoring in the medical track and minoring in international relations specialized in public health. For this fourth edition, he will be, together with his team, the face and voice of TEDxAUCollege, bringing deserved attention on the achievements of the board 2016.
From the audience to team member, Antonin explored the different facets of the committee and naturally joined this year’s board in order to challenge the legacy of previous years by offering a memorable experience to the audience.

Head of Logistics

Tobias Traxler

Tobias is a second-year social science major at Amsterdam University College and the Head of Logistics for the period of this academic year. In this position he is, together with his team, responsible for ensuring a smooth course of the event as well as many administrative tasks proceeding it. Before commencing his studies at Amsterdam University College, Tobias attended high school in Vienna, a period during which he worked in catering and logistics. In his capacity as Head of Logistics he hopes to have the same inspiring experience that was described to him by last year’s board, as well as to help inspire others around him.

Head of Speakers

Margot Guéguen

Margot is a second year medical student at AUC and the Head of the Speakers team this year. After the Pitch Night last year, she was already impressed by the achievements of the TEDxAUCollege committee and decided to put all her efforts into this year’s event. She thinks that the power of the TEDx format as a platform for knowledge resides in its novelty. She is particularly motivated by the idea of working together in this innovative state of mind and to create an inspiring and eye-opening experience for the audience.

Head of Acquisition

Christina Maat

Christina Maat, this year’s head of acquisitions, is a third-year Science student at AUC, mainly focussing on neuroscience. Although she has not been involved in TEDxAUCollege before, she has attended previous events. The impressive results of teamwork and the great ambiance during those events convinced her to apply for this year’s TEDxAUCollege board. As a former professional synchronised swimmer, she has always tried to challenge both herself and others in order to bring out the best in each other. She hopes to continue doing so by creating yet another unforgettably inspiring edition of TEDxAUCollege with her fellow board members this year.



Public Relations Team


Logistics Team


Speakers Team


Acquisitions Team